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Quote of the day

Talking to web camera is super strange. – Milan Ivanovic

Shadow Gallery – Cliffhanger

I remember there wereFights and screaming in the streets that nightI had to run from theInsinuations all about my lifeIt didn’t matter I wasArmed and ready I was on the runUp in the mountains I’ve gotFood and shelter I’m a loaded gunSteal away into the hillsMy world is turningSecrecy becomes my maskMy cloak and dagger …

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Music Notes

Royal Hunt – A life to die for

How many times you felt so weak you let them keep you down?How many times your simple hopes and dreams got kicked around?Do you remember that?Do you remember that? How many times you closed your eyes and said, “I’ll get there soon.”?How many times you didn’t dare… kept howling at the moonThroughout entire nightThroughout entire …

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Sublime Text 3 – First use, setup

I am personally huge fan of Sublime Text 3 Editor and I use it everyday. First run and Package Manager After installing, there are couple of things to do in order to use the full power of Sublime. Package Manager is the first thing you’ll have to run after installation. Simply navigate to View > …

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30 days blogging challenge, accepted!

I always wanted to blog more, but it always got pushed down my priorities and by accepting this challenge, I hope I will make something right. Let’s blog for 30 days, they say. It will be fun they say :) Well, it basically was something like this. Let’s blog for 30 days, do something useful and let’s …

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