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Simple post counter

Someone in our WPSerbia FB Page asked about different styles for first post in the loop, so this is the snippet for that.



Automatically ban “admin” user


If you are using iThemes Security (and I do recommend using it), make sure you go to Settings and under Brute Force Protection have “Immediately ban a host that attempts to login using the “admin” username.” checked.


PS: And if YOU get locked out on your “admin” account, who knows why is that good, right? :)

How to zip a folder via SSH Terminal

This is how you can zip a folder via SSH on your Linux server.


Gravity forms, 18 years old verification






Twitter Bootstrap Drop-down on hover

Twitter Boostrap 3, drop-down menu on hover.



BuddyPress autologin on activation


Gist link: BuddyPress autologin on activation

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