Khalil Palestinian hacker posts Facebook bug report on Zuckerberg’s wall

A Palestinian Hacker, Khalil found an amazing vulnerability in Facebook privacy settings, that allows to post on anyone’s Timeline / Wall, and totally bypass the Privacy settings .

He was forced to post vulnerability details on Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) Timeline to prove his point, after the Facebook Security Team failed to recognise his critical vulnerability three times.


Read all about it on Khalil’s blog: facebook vulnerability 2013

WordPress Meetup Oslo, August 2013

It was awesome. I really did have a great time. And judging by the other people reactions, I think that were more then happy… Lots of new people showed up, but also lots of already familiar faces…

This is the link on meetup website: Oslo WordPress Meetup August


Introduction guy: Lasse Olsen, that guy is funny, he is professional, and the most important of all rich and knows-how-to with words. Also Bob was present :)


It all started with Ryan Hellyer and his presentation on the WordPress plugins that he created recently: Metronet Embed Facebook posts.

You can see a demonstration over at


He held a really good presentation, and also few really good and useful inputs on Q&A. There was an idea of using this one as sidebar widget, making it mobile friendly…

Marco Pereirinha held a really detailed presentation on responsive design, called: “Object centered approach for styling”… It was all about approach of developing website in all cases of providing design files. Approach of developing mobile first, but with desktop design files provided at first… He also succeeded to explain and bring much closer story of css preprocessors LESS and SASS…  Sorry Marco for not providing the image of you speaking!

Then we had a small break, so called PIZZA BREAK… Metronet is always organising awesome conditions for something like this to go super-smooth. Awesome conditions of the really modern, clean and awesome office is the first thing that all of us like so much… And beside that one, there is always at least 10 types of beer, or cider, juices… Pizzas are always super tasty and yes, they are served warm and in between the second and the third speaker, or at least after the first hour of presentation…

And after that one I held a presentation on Maintenance screen that I created. This screen is suggested by Bjørn Johansen. It is basically .php file called maintenance.php it should be stored in wp-content folder and it serves as a checker for maintenance mode in WordPress and as soon as the maintenance mode is done, it refreshed the WordPress and gets you back on track, and you never get stuck on Maintenance mode error page… I also took some time to help others after presentation, and I am so happy about it. That is something that I like so much on WordPress mettups, helping people with WordPress… There should be definitely more of that in future. That is exactly what Lasse and suggested right before I started with my presentation. He called for new speakers, new subjects, for all of those who likes WordPress and for all of those who are willing to participate in keeping WordPress meetups going.

So there it is, link for the Oslo WordPress Meetup September. It is happening on Wednesday, September 18, 2013

See you all!

Bob Skywalker. My favourite Metro dog.

Bob Skywalker. My favourite Metro dog. Period.

Aldo he is just one year old, his charm and joyful eyes melts even the coldest hearts of the coldest people, in the coldest winter, outside, ever!

His owners, super talented and amazing engaged couple Christine Wendelborg and Lasse Olsen (Christine is super talented Photographer, and Lasse Olsen is the founder and editor for Othercastles, a blogger, podcaster and entrepreneur, and also my buddy and colleague @Metronet), are so blessed to have this cute fellow around all the time. Maybe I’ll have separate blog post on them, but, for now, this blog is all about Bob! Bob Skywalker! @Christine & @Lasse: “I am totally corruptive, if you give me Bob for a couple of days, I could write even two blog posts about you, this is fair trade… Going once… Going twice… : )


Few awesomeness of his:


Birthday cake, and he wants it!


Lasse, Christine and Bob. Super cool family!


Quote from his diary:

“Dear diary,

There´s apparently somethings happening today. The masters are zuper happy ands dressed up.
I have beens promizeds great rewards for tonight, because of this day and not something I have dons. I don’t have to survive eating flowers anymore! Therefor, I LOVE THIS DAY!!! WOOOOO. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO ME!!!!!”


Make sure you Visit and Like Bob’s Diary FB page



Bob after his haircut


Bob on social medias:
Make sure you visit and like his super-awesome Bob Skywalker Diary, to stay updated. Also, you can find him on Instagram by #bobskywalker.

This guy,folks, really brings joy and another touch to Metronet office. I know that every single time when I see Lasse coming in, I always look around him for his small furry buddy… And as soon as I lay my eyes on Bob, I am quite sure that is going to be an awesome day.

And one quick tip, if you ever come across this guy, please don’t feed him, Lasse and Christine are in charge if that, and they are doing awesome job.

I know this is too much Bob’s images, but I just couldn’t pick just one, or couple, so I picked a LOT! :) Be patient and wait for all of them to load, it’s totally worth it, believe me. Bob is awesome!

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Buddy #lhasaapso #sagene #oslo

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Meet our new family member, Bob Skywalker

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How to make a puppy relax: build a cave

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Mr #bobskywalker tired after a long day in Oslo

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Grows up so fast! #bobskywalker

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The gatekeeper #bobskywalker

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Chillin #lhasaapso #bobskywalker

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The most amazing ball in the world #bobskywalker

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#bobskywalker being epic

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I am gonna end this post with picture of us, together, just petting on the floor, here @Metronet office last Friday… He was so tired and sleepy, and seems like playing for a whole day, and chasing can really beat you down :) and he was so cute and I just couldn’t resist, I had to join him laying on the floor… I petted him and he fell asleep. You got to love this guy. I know I do…

PS: I promised myself that my the first Vine is going to be about Bob, this is a fair replacement. :)

WordPress ASCII art

Enjoy this awesome gist by Mark Jaquith!



Check gist: WordPress ASCII art 

In one second on the Internet there are…

10 years ago Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, and Instagram didn’t exist.

20 years ago there were only 130 websites total, Google wasn’t even around yet, and you had to pay for an email account through an ISP.

30 years ago there was no internet.

I stumbled upon this awesome website, and I just had to share it with you.

Look how today ( 12th August, 2013. ) one second on the Internet looks like, through Reddit votes cast, Instagram photos uploaded, Facebook likes…  I guess all of these data in couple of year will be funny, but… We’ll see…

Don’t miss the “And then there’s emails per second…” blue button all the way on the bottom of the website.


Visit Website: In one second on the Internet there are…