Increase the PHP memory limit with MAMP PRO

With MAMP PRO you can easily increase the PHP memory limit. Therefore you simply have to change some data within the php.ini file.

Here is how it works:

  1. Start MAMP PRO
  2. Stop the server if it’s running
  3. Choose Menu -> File -> Edit Template -> PHP5 php.ini (If you want to change the memory limit for PHP5, then choose PHP5 php.ini)mamp-pro-template-edit
  4. The PHP ini file will be opened.
  5. If a dialogue box pops up, read it and confirm with OK
  6. Search (Command-F) for “memory_limit” (without quotes)
  7. You should get the following line:
    memory_limit = 8M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (8M)
  8. Now you can change the default value of 8M. For instance. into 32M or even more (like 128M)
  9. Save (Command-S) your changes.
  10. Close (Command-W) the file.
  11. Start the Server.
  12. That’s it!


Select And Copy Text Right In Quicklook

First launch Terminal app, and paste or type in the following command:


Then restart the finder with the following command:




How to Sync Sublime Text 3 Settings Using Dropbox

1. Before you start, close Sublime Text 3
2. Create a folder in Dropbox called Sublime Text 3
3. Navigate to Sublime Text 3 folder in your Library

4. Move the following two folders to this folder.

5. Create symlinks from their original location to their new locations in Dropbox:

5. Open Sublime Text 3 and share this post, thanks.