Bob Skywalker. My favourite Metro dog.

Bob Skywalker. My favourite Metro dog. Period. Aldo he is just one year old, his charm and joyful eyes melts even the coldest hearts of the coldest people, in the coldest winter, outside, ever! His owners, super talented and amazing engaged couple Christine Wendelborg and Lasse Olsen (Christine is super talented Photographer, and Lasse Olsen is the […]

In one second on the Internet there are…

10 years ago Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, and Instagram didn’t exist. 20 years ago there were only 130 websites total, Google wasn’t even around yet, and you had to pay for an email account through an ISP. 30 years ago there was no internet. I stumbled upon this awesome website, and I […]

Edward Snowden, we thank you!

Inspired by this tweet of my fellow colleague Bjørn Johansen I have decided that is time for me to start blogging. I am also recommending you to start following Bjørn, the most of my retweets are his tweets :) Edward Snowden risked everything to tell the truth about the NSA. Here's an easy way to say "thanks!" […]