WordPress Meetup Oslo, August 2013

It was awesome. I really did have a great time. And judging by the other people reactions, I think that were more then happy… Lots of new people showed up, but also lots of already familiar faces…

This is the link on meetup website: Oslo WordPress Meetup August


Introduction guy: Lasse Olsen, that guy is funny, he is professional, and the most important of all rich and knows-how-to with words. Also Bob was present :)


It all started with Ryan Hellyer and his presentation on the WordPress plugins that he created recently: Metronet Embed Facebook posts.

You can see a demonstration over at Metronet.no



He held a really good presentation, and also few really good and useful inputs on Q&A. There was an idea of using this one as sidebar widget, making it mobile friendly…

Marco Pereirinha held a really detailed presentation on responsive design, called: “Object centered approach for styling”… It was all about approach of developing website in all cases of providing design files. Approach of developing mobile first, but with desktop design files provided at first… He also succeeded to explain and bring much closer story of css preprocessors LESS and SASS…  Sorry Marco for not providing the image of you speaking!

Then we had a small break, so called PIZZA BREAK… Metronet is always organising awesome conditions for something like this to go super-smooth. Awesome conditions of the really modern, clean and awesome office is the first thing that all of us like so much… And beside that one, there is always at least 10 types of beer, or cider, juices… Pizzas are always super tasty and yes, they are served warm and in between the second and the third speaker, or at least after the first hour of presentation…

And after that one I held a presentation on Maintenance screen that I created. This screen is suggested by Bjørn Johansen. It is basically .php file called maintenance.php it should be stored in wp-content folder and it serves as a checker for maintenance mode in WordPress and as soon as the maintenance mode is done, it refreshed the WordPress and gets you back on track, and you never get stuck on Maintenance mode error page… I also took some time to help others after presentation, and I am so happy about it. That is something that I like so much on WordPress mettups, helping people with WordPress… There should be definitely more of that in future. That is exactly what Lasse and suggested right before I started with my presentation. He called for new speakers, new subjects, for all of those who likes WordPress and for all of those who are willing to participate in keeping WordPress meetups going.

So there it is, link for the Oslo WordPress Meetup September. It is happening on Wednesday, September 18, 2013

See you all!