30 days blogging challenge, accepted!

I always wanted to blog more, but it always got pushed down my priorities and by accepting this challenge, I hope I will make something right.

Let’s blog for 30 days, they say. It will be fun they say :)

Well, it basically was something like this. Let’s blog for 30 days, do something useful and let’s face what are client facing using ManageWP.

So, couple of rules to be followed:

  • We have to blog, every day, for thirty days in November.
  • Subject is something that we choose. Rules are not strict there.
  • Have fun blogging
  • Make something useful with every blog post
  • For every missed blog post, you donate small amount of money to charity.

Blogging for the Good cause.

As I already said, for every missed blog post, you donate a small amount of money to the Team’s jar and on the 1st December, we will decide to which foundation will it be donated to.

Wish me good luck! :)

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